Lifting the Lid of the Row House Decor Treasure Chest

Walking into Row House is like stumbling into a country antique store, an ancient urban landmark, a relic ship, and an old-world inn all at once. Every piece of furniture and every decoration has its own origin story. And most of the time, you probably won’t even know the incredible histories of the things you…
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South Lake Union: A History of Highs and Lows

Seattle’s past is pretty hard to recognize anywhere on our streets today, especially under all these cranes! We have a few old buildings left (like Row House Cafe!) but most of the history is buried deep in the cement by now. Especially in South Lake Union, a neighborhood that has been demolished and reinvented several…
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Row House Reinventions of Classic Brunch Foods

We all know that Saturday and Sunday brunch in Seattle is a frenzied city-wide food fest. Throes of weekend revelers seek out new brunch spots that offer a new spin on American classics, but as you all know, after awhile it starts to feel a little same o ' same o '.  At Row House…
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