Walk the Art Walk Thursday, October 1st

Walk the Art Walk Thursday, October 1st

It’s our favorite event of the season! Thursday, October 1st marks the next South Lake Union Art Walk, and Row House is excited to display the paintings of local artist Brett Polonsky throughout the café.

Polonsky’s stunning paintings range from abstract colorscapes to figurative portraiture, but all his work employs bold and innovative colors and strokes to create pieces that demand both attention and interpretation. In Polonsky’s artist statement, he says, “I’m influenced by the colors and textures I see in the city; often dark places where little moments of color seem to be out of place yet somehow belong,” which we think is also a perfect description for Row House!

This art walk is punctuated with a number of other related activities throughout the neighborhood. Adding to the mix, will be three separate & choreographed flash mobs (at secret times and locations, of course), a beer garden, an all-day outdoor arts and crafts market from the Northwest Art Alliance, temporary installation art at the Denny Substation, and dozens of local business featuring the works of local artists.

Come by for our opening at the Art Walk on Thursday, October 1st, from 5pm-9pm. Polonsky will be present to discuss his work and technique—come grab a cocktail on your way through the SLU Art Walk, take in Polonsky’s colorful, textural & multi-media works, and meet your fellow art-loving SLU locals! And who knows… maybe you’ll see one of those flash mobs in our courtyard!

For a sneak peek, take a look at some of Polonsky’s work below!
portrait_1215_CW abstract3415